Welcome to ROAD RAGE OFF-ROAD ACCESSORIES, where quality, technological innovation, design precision and superior service excellence are the foundation on which our brand is built. Quality, form and function are the key elements in the development process. Our company strives to develop and manufacture unrivalled premium products which surpass other products available in the 4x4 market place. 


ROAD RAGE OFF-ROAD ACCESSORIES is a proud product and Registered Trademark of WR Off Road Industries (Pty) Ltd. Our business was launched in 2006, and over the last 13 years a lot of time was invested in studying the demand of certain products, versus the accessibility thereof. We noticed a demand for certain products (and in some cases higher quality products) and over the years we’ve expanded our range quite significantly in an effort to meet this demand. ROAD RAGE OFF-ROAD SERIES WHEELS is one of the main product lines, but please stay tuned as other exciting products e.g. our ROAD RAGE ARMOUR Modular Bins, will be added to our website soon.


Enjoy your stay!